Sunday, 16 March 2008

Hair dye colors - What does your hair color say about you

Hair colors certainly create initial impressions, and hair dye colors can change that impression.


Brunettes are undoubtedly perceived as the responsible type. Brown itself is not a staid color, it is the even tone which tends to run with it.

To make brown hair far more interesting you should have lowlights, as they add a whole new dimension to the impression created.


Blonde hair immediately attracts the human eye, as it is drawn to lighter shades, and is associated with the sexy look. However blondes can also find it more difficult to be taken seriously.

Blonde hair can require higher maintenance than other colors.


Red is the most popular hair dye color and accounts for only about 4% of the population are naturally red heads. The perception is one of being strong, opinionated and sexy. Conversley with pale lashes, freckles and an orange tinge, the perception becomes one of a homely person.

Red is the hardest color for the hair to absorb and can quickly fade giving a washed out look, it is also a good idea to apply highlights or lowlights to the hair to emphasise the color, which can look very flat.


Tough, mysterious and exotic are common initial impressions.

To wear black hair well, it is essential you have great skin, as black hair focuses attention to blemishes. (see here for some tips)

Highlights in a strong color, or a blue black prevent the dullness which can appear in black hair color. It is also very useful to apply a shiner to the hair.

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luulu said...

Your hair color says alot about who you are. Am I conservative, outgoing, ect... Try testing at home, ther are many home hair coloring products!

Julia said...

Of course, hair color creates initial impression. Brown brunette is the best one for me to choose from the brown hair color chart. Thanks for cover so many hair dye colors in your blog. Wishing best.