Sunday, 26 August 2007

Can bleach be used as one of the hair dye colors

There are mixed views on this one, technically hair bleach is not a hair dye color, but a color strip.

It is harder to bleach red hair than dark hair and dark hair should be bleached in stages to avoid damaging the hair as much as possible. Dark hair goes through stages with repeated bleaching. Black hair initially becomes red, then orange followed by yellow and finally white.

Bleached hair has a yellow tinge to it because of the natural structure of hair, which is mainly a-keratin which is naturally a pale yellow.

The more frequently bleach is applied, the drier hair becomes, moisturising hair after bleaching is a must.

That is the technical bit. It depends a lot on the effect you are looking for in your hair, whether a color tint would be better, or leaving your hair stripped provides the effect you are after.

I personally never use a tint, when I am leaving white in my hair, but that is likely to do with the fact that I wear it against a vivid color. My partner on the other hand, likes a multi-toned blond 'natural' look and doesn't have her hair bleached before adding color, rather goes for a tint to the color.

So in short, whether you bleach your hair as a 'color' and leave it, or do as the majority would advise, tint your hair to a finish, is very much a personal choice. For a 'natural' look, then a tint is far more effective.

low-lighted hair

Bleached hair

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